Services Offered

A couple standing in front of their newly inspected home.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are inspections that provide the prospective buyers with a timely, accurate and professional analysis of their chosen home. With this information, the purchaser can make a logical and informed decision about the condition of the property they feel will be their new home. Whether it is a new home or a 100-year-old treasure, ensure peace of mind with an inspection from St. Lawrence Valley Home Inspections.

Pre-sell Inspections

These inspections are for the savvy seller who wishes to put their property up for sale with an edge on the competition. Buyers can feel comforted that a home inspection has been completed and the homeowner has attended to those little things that will place their property “ahead of the pack” in this competitive market. Real estate agents will love you for it and promote this feature on your behalf. You can’t lose with a pre-sell inspection.

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WETT Inspections

WETT Inspections involve wood burning appliances. Whether it is security in knowing your fireplace is in a safe condition or you need a report to satisfy your insurance company, St. Lawrence Valley Home Inspections is a there to provide you with peace of mind as you pass those cold winter nights in front of a blazing fire. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are in a safe haven when enjoying the natural wonder of a wood burning appliance. Remember, only a WETT certified inspector should analyse any wood burning appliance. St. Lawrence Valley Home Inspections’ president is a Certified WETT Inspector.

Septic Inspections

If you live in a country setting, a healthy septic system is definitely a must. Whether you are having problems with your system or a new home buyer making that all important home buying decision in a country setting, a septic inspection make perfect sense. Before signing that cheque, make sure you know as much as possible about the underground, unseen system. St. Lawrence Valley Home Inspections’ president is registered with the Ministry of Housing as a designer of Septic Systems under Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code